Meggitt Airdynamics

Development of a capability brochure to exemplify core capabilities

Customer Information

Meggitt PLC is engaged in designing and manufacturing of components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and other specialist markets, including energy, medical, industrial, test and automotive.

After working together on a web site and a micro-site, Meggitt Airdymanics and Jovani DiFatta owner of GrowNew Marketing started a campaign of advertising and print work.

This capabilities brochure was one of the deliverables. We captured Meggitt’s core capabilities with location as well as studio photography. The images shown below were created by GrowNew Marketing specifically for this brochure.

brochure cover

The visuals display GrowNew’s ability to capture a companies core capabilities through the use of attractive design and original still photography.

Jovani used his experience to tell the story behind Meggitt’s people and processes. As well, we emphasized their core product offerings, manufacturing capabilities and company strengths.

  • Brochure Development
  • Storytelling
  • Print Production
  • Still Photography
  • Trade Show Collateral
  • Electronic Collateral


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