Lasco Bathware ( Aquatic )

Strategic media creation, design, visuals and targeted marketing


Customer Information

Supplying more than one-fourth of all bath fixtures sold annually in the United States Lasco Bathware alone has offered more whirlpools and shower systems than any other manufacturer. Lasco /Aquatic Whirlpools has been the industry’s leading whirlpool bath company and their capabilities include national production by six plants geographically distributed across United States.


After a number of successful projects together Jovani and Lasco Bathware ( Aquatic ) needed to find a way to address the every increasing market for consumer grade indoor whirlpools. The result was a successful campaign that included video and media production, print and electronic advertising as well a a formula of targeted marketing which was part of Jovani’s Process.

The visuals display GrowNew’s creative photography and video graphics style while enhancing Lasco’s brand to a targeted consumer.

  • Advertising
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Video Production
    – full scripting
    – set production
    – creative concepts
    – camera work
    – actors / talent
    – post-pre production
    – deliver in all media types
  • Still Photography
  • Trade Show Collateral
  • Brochure & Print Collateral
  • Logo Design
  • Print & Packaging


Video Marketing – GrowNew Marketing Video Production and Footage

Strategic Electronic Marketing – GrowNew Marketing Video Production and Creative

Targeted Strategic Marketing

Point of Purchase Video


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