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Jovani DiFatta – GrowNew Marketing

On October 21st, 1991 a young Jovani DiFatta opened the doors to the photo & design studio bearing his name Jovani Image Studio.

After studying art and pursuing his passions in college Jovani occupied a two thousand square foot suite in the Arrow Industrial Park in Upland California. This was the former location of the famous Pipeline Skateboard Park. Jovani found this location which was five minutes from his home town a suitable place to embark on the American Dream.

The business climate in 1991, an era prior to the dot-com boom, was very welcoming to a young and enthusiastic artist, photographer and graphics designer.

Jovani DiFatta applied his proclivity for artwork creation and commercial photography to the automotive industry. After several successful years he broadened his services to attract manufacturers and commercial customers throughout many industrial sectors.

Moving his studio to Corona California in 1999 Jovani stayed involved with the right kinds of commercial companies. During this period he was lucky enough to acquire some seasoned and very influential corporate customers. Into the next decade Jovani worked closely with these company owners, presidents and CEOs. From these client relationships and business owners much priceless real-world information was absorbed. Jovani earned respect amongst these discerning customers with whom he became friends. Jovani acquired a reputation as a talented advertising guy, a common-sense resource and a trusted advisor.

In 2008 Jovani’s wife Jennifer joined the team when the youngest of their five children reached middle school. Jennifer’s personality has brought to the mix great organization and enhanced like-ability. Together they have conditioned the company’s people skills while at the same time preserving the passion in their craft.

Throughout the decades Jovani’s philosophy to seek and win clients for life has worked. Today, this mantra rings true in everything they do.

In June 2013 Jovani Image Studio became GrowNew Marketing. A company solely owned by Jovani DiFatta and his wife Jennifer DiFatta. They are family run business and a team of creative experts ready for this new era. A team successful at connecting people and ideas.