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Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets.

Jovani DiFatta the owner of GrowNew Marketing has worked with the Kirkhill-TA division of Esterline in Brea California as far back as 1997. Throughout the years numerous marketing projects have been successfully completed. GrowNew Marketing, having worked in both the conventional and silicone rubber molding industries as well as aerospace and aircraft manufacturing sectors, has proven to be the perfect long-term boutique creative firm to service Esterline.

The diversity of the Esterline corporate brand and GrowNew Marketing’s design style have proven to blend well together and transend both economic and management turnover. Much of the imagery, design and stylistic elements we have developed for Esterline had been carried over or emulated by the various other divisions in both electronic and print media and remain part of the companies staple of marketing collateral in use today.

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