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With over 27 years under my belt I have learned a few things about people. I have learned about companies, about myself, and about relationships.

I am a branding expert, an artsy designer, a finicky photographer and storytelling fanatic.

Things changed around here and I’m very happy to say its extremely satisfying!

Thank you to my many customers. Through the decades you taught me about business and about myself.

I am not currently accepting new assignments.

Since 2014 I’ve been under contract with just a handful of corporations as their marketing adviser. I also maintain their front-end and back-end online infrastructure as well as develop new web sites per their needs.

With the support of my wife Jennifer, the mother of my five children, I have achieved goals in my career i would have only dreamt about as a young guy… and then some!

This web site is unmaintained and out-of-date. It does however include a body of work I’m proud of.

Jovani DiFatta

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